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France and chess

France dominated chess during the 18th and early 19th century.
Andre Philidor dominated from 1745 up to 1795. He contributed with the Philidor's defense and told us pawns are the souls of chess. He wrote the first modern chess book. He also came up with the famous Philidor's position. Alexandre Louis Deschapelles was a great player from 1800 up until 1822. He had bad opening play but good talent. He later gave up chess and lost his right arm in Napoleon's army. Louis Charles De La Bourdonnais was an attacking player and beat Alexander McDonnell in a series of matches and continued to extend the French domination up until 1840. Louis Pierre De Saint-Amant was the final great French chess player. He was brilliant at attacking but not so good at positional play. In 1843, Howard Staunton defeated Saint-Amant in match play and ended the French domination. He played with a more modern and less romantic style. I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to edit.

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