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Fritz is a chess engine that is extremely popular. It has played against many strong chess players, including Vladimir Kramnik and won many games. It has defeated him 4-2. There is also Deep Fritz another chess program made by the same manufacturer. It has won a computer chess championship, beating a prototype of Deep Blue! Fritz currently already has it's 12th version out. Hope you enjoyed reading about Fritz!


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    The Full Analysis Function in the Fritz 13 Database Window begins with the wrong colour when there are no moves in the game.

    I am wanting to analyse a database of positions only and this is not possible because the analysis starts on the wrong colour.

    For example:

    I am wanting to analyse a FEN position without moves:

    r1b2rk1/pp1p1pp1/1b1p2B1/n1qQ2p1/8/5N2/P3RPPP/4R1K1 w - - 0 1

    In the game window the analysis works without any problem and finds the line: 1. Qxf7+ which leads to mate.

    However, if I do a Full analysis from the database window the analysis is faulty and looks for a move for Black: 1...Qxd5

    Any help will be appreciated.


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    yeah just got Deep Fritz 13 few days back and it really sucks.

    Very difficult to understand how to use, wasted hours and finally got myself ChessMaster, the best chess program I ever imagined. Easy to use and loads of amaging and useful stuff.

    So I guess when you want to enjoy chess go for chessmaster.

    Gifting Deep Fritz to your opponent would be a really great idea. Very soon he/she will start to hate chess.

    horribly bad.

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