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First used in connection with chess as a player of highest class in 1838.  On February 18, 1838, the London newspaper Bell’s Life published a letter by a reader to award the title of Grandmaster to William Lewis.   The title of grandmaster was first used in 1907 at the Ostend tournament.  In 1914, Nicholas II, the Czar of Russia, conferred the title 'Grandmaster of Chess' on Emanuel Lasker, Alekhine, Capablanca,  Tarrasch, and Marshall after they took the top 5 places in the St. Petersburg tournament.  These are the five original Grandmasters.  In 1949 FIDE recognized the term Grand Master for 17 players:  Fine, Reshevsky, Bronstein (age 26), Boleslavsky, Flohr, Keres, Kotov, Lilienthal, Smyslov, Botvinnik, Levenfish, Ragozin, Najdorf, Stahlberg, Szabo, Maroczy, and Euwe.   In 1950 FIDE awarded 27 players the first official Grandmaster title.  These players were: Bernstein, Boleslavsky, Bondarevsky, Botvinnik, Bronstein, Duras, Euwe, Fine, Flohr, Gruenfeld, Keres, Kostic, Kotov, Levenfish, Lilienthal, Maroczy, Mieses (age 85), Najdorf, Ragozin, Reshevsky, Rubinstein, Saemisch, Smyslov, Stahlberg, Szabo, Tartakower, and Vidmar. In the 1960s the United States had more Grandmasters than International Masters.  Grandmaster titles awarded in 2004 include Rodrigo Vasquez, Zvonko Stanojoski, Alexey Kim, Alexander Potapov, Evgeny Shaposhnikov, and Robert Markus.  The youngest GMs have been Sergey Karjakin (12 years, 7 months), Magnus Carlsen (13 years, 3 months), Bu Xiangzhi (13 years, 10 months), Teimour Radjabov and Ruslan Ponomariov (14 years old), Etienne Bacrot (14 years, 2 months), Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Peter Leko (14 years, 4 months), Yuri Kuzubov (14 years, 7 months), Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son (14 years 10 months), Hikaru Nakamura (15 years, 2 months), Koneru Humpy (15 years, 1 month), Judit Polgar (15 years, 4 months), and Bobby Fischer (15 years, 6 months).


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    Without doing tournaments can you be awarded to be a GM from your rating? is there a particular rating you have to achieve?

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    Not that I know of sorry.

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    "Without doing tournaments can you be awarded to be a GM from your rating? is there a particular rating you have to achieve?"


    Of course not, you could cheat your way up to GM. Your rating does indicate a certain level, but you have to prove it in real matches.


    This info is available at wikipedia:

    The requirements for becoming a Grandmaster are somewhat complex. A player must have an Elo rating of at least 2500 at one time (although they need not maintain this level to keep the title). A rating of 2400 or higher is required to become an International Master. In addition, at least two favorable results (called norms) in tournaments involving other Grandmasters, including some from countries other than the applicant's, are usually required before FIDE will confer the title on a player. There are other milestones a player can achieve to get the title, such as winning the Women's World Championship, the World Junior Championship, or the World Senior Championship. Current regulations may be found in the FIDE Handbook.

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    I agree, it would defeat the purpose if you could become a gand master simply by your rating. Who is to say that you are the one making all the moves?

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    the answer you was given was not completely correct as...

    FIDE also awards separate Grandmaster titles to composers and solvers of chess problems (see list of grandmasters of the FIDE for chess compositions).

    The International Correspondence Chess Federation awards the title of International Correspondence Chess Grandmaster (ICCGM).

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    Wesly So is not there

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    How to get FIDE rating in online

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