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Gulko, Boris

Boris Gulko, born Feb 9, 1947 in Germany, is a Grandmaster (1976) and former Soviet champion (1977).  In 1974, he won the Moscow championship.   He tried to emigrate from the Soviet Union for over 7 years and was finally allowed to do so in 1986.  We went on a 40 day hunger strike.  His wife is one of the strongest women chessplayers in the world, Anna Akhsumarova.  She won the Soviet women's championship twice and was cheated out of a third victory in 1982 when the result of a game she won was reversed.  Boris refused to sign a form letter denouncing the defection of Victor Korchnoi in 1979.   He was arrested for demonstrating in front of the Moscow Interzonal in 1982 and beaten up by KGB agents.  He was denied entrance to the tournament even as a spectator.  In 1987 he won the World Open.  In 1991 Gulko had to be smuggled into Yugoslavia to act as a second to Irina Levitina in the 1991 Women's Interzonal.  He was unable to get a passport from the tournament delegation so they smuggled him in from Hungary.  He tied for first with Judit Polgar in the 1998 US Open.  He is the only person to win the USSR and US championship.  He won the U.S. Championship in 1994 and 1999.  In 2007, he won the U.S. Open on tiebreak.

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