Hazeltine, Miron James

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Miron James Hazeltine (1824-1907) was a newspaper chess columnist (New York Clipper) for more than 50 years (from August 1856 to January 1907) who did not miss a single weekly issue until shortly before his death in February 1907.  He was born at Rumney, NH on Nov 18, 1824.  He first saw chess played at Amherst College in 1848.  In 1854, he joined the New York Chess Club.  He began his first chess column in the New York Saturday Courier on February 3, 1855.  This was probably the first chess column in the United States.  He was the first  person to omit the "to" from recorded moves - making "P to K4" into "P-K4."  He also wrote for the New York Clipper, Porter's Spirit, the Chess Monthly, Telegraph in Georgia, Union Democrat, Enterprise, Herald, and Vox Populi.  He was a principal of a classical private school and a justice of the peace and notary public for the state of New Hampshire.  At the time of his death, he had one of the largest collection of chess books in the country (over 600 volumes).


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    I think Leonard Barden (UK)  is now the longest serving Chess columist in the world having been writing since 1960.

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