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Huebner, Robert

Robert Heubner, born Nov 6, 1948, is a German Grandmaster (1971) and strongest German player since World War II.  In 1967 he won the German championship.  In 1971 he was playing in a candidates match with Petrosian when he made a mistake in his 7th game.  He overlooked a winning move, became demoralized after he saw the mistake, resigned, burst into tears, and withdrew from the match.  He said he was bothered by street noises.  Petrosian merely turned his hearing aid down.  In 1982 he tied in a match with Smyslov in a Candidates match.  To break the tie, both players agreed to use a roulette wheel to select a winner.  Huebner’s color was black and Smyslov’s color was red.  The wheel was spun and it came up green (0).  A second spin came up red (3) in Smyslov’s favor.  Huebner is a papyrologist and has a PhD.  He is also a world-class player in Chinese chess (Xiangqi).  He learned how to play chess from his father at the age of 5.

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