Is this a new kind or a old kind?

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This is a new opening I made up, please tell me if its new or old and do you think its strong.


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    its strong
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    what's the point? and the queen coming out, why?
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    Iv'e not seen it before, but that does not mean it is new. It seems a very defensive position, and blocks White's black bishop from moving out, as well as blocking the d and f pawns. I would say as it is weak, as it decreases mobility and poses no immediate threats.
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    So weak
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    White's position is strong if you are playing black.  Most of White's pieces are blocked.  The queen is not only out but out for no reason.  The only real defense for the queen is a pawn.  Who would not trade a piece for a Queen?  The only power is the control of the center of the board, but that will be lost soon.

    Also it is old.  Very old.  It was described in early chess rules as examples of blacks position.  Even in those books white was thought of as being in a bad way.

    Sorry.   (If I seem to know these things why do I play so poorly?)

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    it is bad but it has a name! - because any opening starting with 1.e3 is called Van Kruijs (eco A00.16) except when it has transposed into something else.


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    after 1. e3 Qf3 does look a bit stupid, and Bd3 blocks the d-pawn. What's the point? Please explain

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    here is something kindof like that but safer for only works if your opponent has two bad bishops.(you could do half if it has one bad bishop)


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    no offence, but so weak
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    Why is this posted in a chess encyclopedia?? It belongs in one of the forums, IMHO. No offense meant.


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