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Kennedy, Hugh Alexander

Hugh Alexander Kennedy (1809-1878) was a former British army captain and leading London chess player.  In 1843 he founded the Brighton Chess Club, which attracted Howard Staunton and Henry Buckle.  In April 1845, he teamed up with Howard Staunton and played two telegraph games against Walker, Evans, Perigal, and Tuckett in London while they were in Portsmouth.   In 1846, he lost a match to Elijah Williams (+2-4).  In 1849, he lost a match to Eduard Loewe (+6-7=1).  He played in the great International Tournament in London in 1851.  He knocked out Carl Mayet in round 1 with two wins.  In round two, he lost to Marmaduke Wyvill (+3-4=1).   In round 3, he defeated James Mucklow with 4 wins.   He then lost to Jozsef Szen with 1 draw and 4 losses.  He finished in 6th place at the 1851 London tournament.   In 1862, he lost perhaps the first international telegraphic game, against Serafino Dubois. 

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