King's Gambit

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The King's Gambit is a chess opening characterised by very lively and aggresive play which is the case for most gambits. It has been very popular in the 19th century, the era of romatic chess, where attacking chess was at his peak. Nowdays it is rarely seen in top level but it is still popular among club players. White's purpose of sacrificing his f pawn is to open lines for his pieces and weaken black's center, thus creating ideal circumstances for an attack. Indeed, in this opening white attacks very early in the game, unlike most other chess openings. If black does not take the pawn, white will still have some open lines but play will be calmer. Another important point to note about the King's Gambit is that white, by moving his f pawn, weakens his king's defence severely and this more or less forces him to start an attack. Passivity will quickly result into a losing position.


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    What are the "theory advancements" referred to in the article that undermine the strength of the King's Gambit?

    Looking at the stats for it in the games explorer, it doesn't seem THAT bad, so what gives?

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    I love this opening. really fun to play!

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    queens gambit
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    This is my favorite style of Play

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    This line is like the fishin pole from the Ruy Lopez. Just do not take the Knight just yet.

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    To me the Kings Gambit is more in line with what your trying to get from a gambit. Queens Gambit is a whole different style of play I think. What is the purpose of gambits? To get fast development while the other player accepts the gambit. Is one gambit better than the other? Would think not, just in the style of play makes up your choices of Openings.

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    An old, but still new and one of most aggressive openings in chess world. Would recommend to play in blitz games, and if you are good in tactical maneuvers, also in on-line long games. It is fun, it is beautiful, it is King`s Gambit!

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    One of the best gambits humans ever invented. Love it!

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    My kings Gambit in 1 min chess is pretty decent but i lose to patient defensive players who will not counterattack and wait for my mistake. Dont play Kings gambit OTB in a 1 -2 hr game, u will lose. 

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    Applied it multiple time in on-line long games against 2000+ and almost always received very good positions if they just go to defence. 

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    Hi from Scotland, I love the Kings Gambit sure its dangerous but win or loose its great fun. Here is a game I played on saturday at the Lothian Allegro in Edinburgh I was playing a stronger player but he was in trouble for most of the game I was a pawn up but I lost on time and he had five seconds left it was some game 0-1

    good luck to all Gambiteers

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    i see the possibilities i may start using it for fun and hope it turns into more

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    It's do or die with this opening. Be warned, if you play this as white and your attack is foiled, pray. Your queenside pieces will have a hard time developing right(specifically the queen knight and rook) and you've got a king with only 2 pawns infront. I have played this opening since forever.

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    kings gambit is good and it is rarely rejected. I just like it

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    I love the kings gambit its great fun win or loose

    this is a link to my game from the Lothian Allegro match that took place on the 7th of January last saturday the guy I was playing is a stronger player and he was in trouble the whole of the game I lost on time a pawn up and he had five seconds left on his clock, it was a great game 0-1

    good luck Gambiteers

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    there is a book by joe gallagher 'winning with king's gambit' it helped me a lot

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    does castling important for white in this opening? what is better to play after exf4 ??? the knight or bishop?

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    u can find the videos on all variations in all opening at youtube.. or u can just visit

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    Yes very Ricky but good if u like gamuttry the

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