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Kostic, Borislav

Bora Kostic (1887-1963) was a Yugoslav Grandmaster (1950).  He learned chess at the age of 10.  He won the Baltic Championship in 1913.  In 1913, he moved to Buenos Aires and worked as a chess lecturer at the Argentine military academy.  In 1915, he went to New York and started a six-month chess tour.  During that period, he played 3,281 games, winning 2,932, losing 112, and drawing 237 games.  He won the US (Western) Championship in 1916.  He won the Romanian Championship in 1934.  He won the Yugoslav championship in 1935 (with Pirc) and 1938.  In 1916, he played 30 games blindfolded simultaneously.  He emigrated to America and worked briefly in a bank before devoting himself to chess.  In 1917, he beat jackson Showalter in a match.  In 1918, he took 2nd at New York, behind Capablanca.  During World War II, spent some time in a concentration camp in Veliki Beckerek (Zrenjanin).

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