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Las Palmas 1996

Strongest chess tournament ever held.  This was a category 21 event with an average rating of 2756.

The event included the top 6 players in the world: Garry Kasparov (2785), Anatoly Karpov (2775), Vladimir Kramnik (2765), Veselin Topalov (2750), Viswanathan Anand (2735), and Vassily Ivanchuk (2730).  The SuperTorneo was held in Las Palmas in the Gran Canary Islands of  Spain in December, 1996.  The event was won by Kasparov with 3 wins and 7 draws.  Anand took 2nd place.   Karpov tied for last place with Ivanchuk.  Four of the six players have been world champions.

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