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Latvian Gambit

The Latvian gambit would begin 1.e4-e5 2.Nf3-f5 creating a kind of reverse King's Gambit as Black. It is generally a less used gambit for its potential difficulties with king's side attacks from White, as well as its conflicts with some theoretical ideas. It does open several possible errors for both sides to fall into and apply with its opening mistakes and advantages. But it is, as usual in chess, ideas and styles for the players to execute well rather than an universal agreement. Otherwise we would have no opponents to contest with. In common theory of White being suggested of some advantage having the initial move, it would seem the reverse so similar of a White gambit to be a understandable conclusion. However nothing in masterful match results favor White aside from skill. It is possible that White is forced from the starting position to make the least of many mistakes but chess is for play and luckily not left to lone thoughts. This is a great gambit to play with in the very aims and risks of gambits. Even the world's highest rated disagree but this is a very rarely applied attack in its aggressive nature. If compared to the Kings Gambit well played lines differ significantly. Good players may force a bad position to prevail over less experienced opponent but is still true mind, that "a small mistake in the beginning, is a big mistake in the end" when masters contest so it is good to get a general as well as specific grasp of the opening movements to adapt to the opposing color.

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