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Chess, or a variant, was played in Lebanon during the Omeyyad period.  The first unofficial Lebanese Chess Championship was in 1943.  It was won by Charles Salameh.  The first Lebanese Championship took place in 1953 and won by Charles Salameh.  Lebanon joined FIDE in 1957.  It was the first Arab country to join FIDE.  In 1958, Lebanon played in its first chess Olympiad (Munich).  In 1965, the Lebanese Chess Federation (Federation Libanaise des Echecs) was founded.  Mohammed Sucar was its president from 1965 to 1997.  Lebanon was a founding member of the Arab chess Federation in 1975.  Lebanon was a founding member of the Mediterranean Sea Nations Federation in 1987.    The first Lebanese Women’s Championship took place in 1994.  The first Lebanese Blitz Championship took place in 1995.

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