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Lipschuetz, Solomon (Samuel or Simon)

Samuel Lipschuetz (1863-1905) was an American chess master and first officially recognized American chess champion.   He was born in Hungary and came to America in 1880.  He lost a match against George Mackenzie in late 1886 for the U.S. Championship. In 1888 he added a 122-page addendum to Gossip’s Chessplayer’s Manual.  In 1889 he was the top American finisher at the 6th American Chess Congress in New York and considered the U.S. chess champion.  The organizers of this event had announced that the top American in this tournament could bear the title.  In 1890 he played a match against Jackson Showalter in Louisville, Kentucky and lost.  Showalter then claimed the title of U.S. chess champion.  In 1892 Lipschuetz defeated Jackson Showalter in a match (he won with a 7-1 score) in New York to claim the title, but then retired from chess for health reasons.  The title reverted back to Showalter.  In 1895, Lipschuetz returned, claiming that he never relinquished the title.  Showalter then beat him in a match in New York in 1895.  He was New York state chess champion in 1889 and 1889.  In 1905 he died of lung disease.

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