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The longest chess game is 269 moves (Ivan Nikolic - Goran Arsovic, Belgrade 1989) which ended in a draw after over 20 hours of play.  Two other games have gone to 200 or more moves.  In 1988 at the Saloniki Olympiad, Seirawan and Xu Jun played 198 moves, which ended in a stalemate.The longest won game for White is 193 moves (Stepak - Mashian, Israeli Championship 1980).  That involved a Queen and Pawns vs. Queen endgame.  The longest won game for Black is 161 moves (Duras - Janowski, San Sebastian 1911).  The longest game in a World Championship match was Korchnoi-Karpov, Baguio 1978.  It was drawn (stalemate) in 124 moves.


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    I enjoyed it! LOL!Surprised I just clicked the end button to see the final position... I love draws but not this long!
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    ....took me awhile to do all the moves...
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    This game was beyond asinine. They should have drawn way before the 269th move.
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    they shud've agreed fr a draw long way back around 85th move:)
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    LOL!! it took me 15 minutes to get me to the last moves.

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    20 hours of play...

    oh my goodness, such a marathon chess...

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    why was that a draw?

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    phew.. it did come to an end.. think about the players.. 20 hours of non stop chess..

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    Wow. That was one LONG game.

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    Unnecessarily 'amusing[!?]' - to say the least! ... Frankly, it's just downright silly, really.  In fact, if I were the tournament director for that event, I would've declared the game drawn well before the 100th move.  It's also a well-known and all-too-common theme among masters to prove a win with an extra piece in many (if not most) Pawnless Rook-endgames.

    I'm not sure why Black did not declare a draw upon the 50-move rule, either.  Perhaps he just forgot to ulilize it[!].  Interestingly enough, how often is the 50-move rule actually used these days, anyway? - and how many 100+move-games are really decisive? (let alone realized[?] ... ). 

    But personally, I think the modern chess-world could be much more simplified with the ousting of that old rule.  Instead, I believe that it should be replaced such that all tournament-level games should not last beyond the 100th move (barring match-play), unless there's room beyond this limitation for immediate check[s]- and successive mate sequence; otherwise, the game should either end, and/or (may[?]) be declared a draw up to that point.

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    White missed out on some oportunities, for example 186. Ra6 would've been better; he would have gotten the black rook.

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    really they have guts

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    Draws need to be declared and when that was played i think they allowed a 100 move rule for cases like a rook and bishop v rook endgame

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    simply amazing

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    Surprised WOW!!!!!!!!!! longest game ive ever seen , also who knew some game could last for 20 hours ,wht is this Monoply?!

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    -_-  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz omg this game is sssssoooooooooooo boring ............ and intresting Laughing. i once played a 300 move game lmao (not really)

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    Good lord, back then there were exceptions to the 50 move rule, in this case rook + bishop vs. rook allows a 100 move rule.  Seriously though, the arbiter should have declared a draw.

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    A 20 Hour Game?! I could barely stand a 20 minute game!

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