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Lucena, Luis Ramirez

Luis Ramirez Lucena 1475-1530) was the author of the oldest existing printed book (incunabulim) on chess (modern chess), Repeticion: de Amores; E Arte. De Axedres con cl. Juegos de partido.  The book was published in Salamanca in 1497 where Lucena was a university student.  Only 20 copies  are known to exist.  Lucena may have written the Gottingen manuscript in 1500 since his book and the Gottingen manuscript are similar.  The book was dedicated to Prince Don Johan the Third (1478-1497), the only male child of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain.  The book may have been a plagiarized book written by Francesch Vicent in 1495.  No known copies of Vicent’s book, entitled Libre dels Jochs Partits dels Schacs en Nombre de 100, are in existence.  Vicent’s book contained 100 chess problems.  Lucena’s book contains 150 chess problems (75 problems with the new rules of chess and 75 problems from the Arabic medieval chess).

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