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Marache, Naploeon

Napoleon Marache was born in France on June 15, 1815 and came to the United States when he was 13.   In 1845, he began composing chess problems.  In October 1845, he published The Chess Palladium and Mathematical Sphynx; devoted to the Curiosities of Chess and the Ingenuities of Arithetic.  This was the first American chess periodical (it lasted for only three issues).  In 1856, he won the championship cup of the New York Chess Club.  In 1857 he participated in the First American Chess Congress.  In the first round, he defeated Daniel Fiske (+3-2).  In round 2, he lost to Dr. Benjamin Raphael (+2-3=2).  In 1865, he wrote the chess section for a new edition of Hoyle.  In 1866 he wrote Marache’s Manual of Chess.  He was the chess editor of the Wilkes’ Spirit of the Times.  His pseudonym was N.O.K.   He died on May 11, 1875.

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