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Material imbalances leading to draws

In the endgame, there are many material imbalances that are a draw. Here are them:

1.King vs King(I do not need to explain this)

2.Rook pawn and King vs King

It is a draw as long as the rook pawn is in reach of the opponen'ts king. He can then go into the corner and move back and forth or trap your king in the corner.

Don't worry. Usually all other pawns should promote with accurate play by the side with the advantage. Rook pawns are exceptions.


3. Rook pawn,wrong color bishop and king vs king

Here it is the same thing as #2 but the bishop can't do anything to drive the king away.

And sometimes if you push your rook pawn to far with a knight helping it will usually end up the same way. The bishop has to be same color of the promotion square in order for the pawn to promote.




4.King and bishop vs King or King and knight vs King

A lone knight or bishop and king can never checkmate the other king. Although it is possible(and there are cases of bishops and knights checkmating opposing kings thanks to opposing pawns. That is because of zugzwang and sometimes will be a win for the side with knight or bishop.

5.Two knights and king vs king

It is kind of weird that a bishop and knight, 2 bishops can all mate but not 2 knights. It is impossible to mate unless your opponent deliberately moves into the corner. If he has an extra pawn though, it will stop him from being stalemated and will give you a win. That is why 2 knights are a bad combination of minor pieces.

These are the material imbalances leading to a draw. Hope you liked this article please post comments, and enjoy!

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