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Mating Net

This article is in relation to Mating Patterns Parts 1 and 2. If you didn't read those yet, please do so before reading this.

When you are attacking your opponent's king, the normal reaction is to check as much as possible. It gives you a feeling of power, a feeling of control, but it is completely wrong!

Why? Simply because of some "mental issues" with us. It is because we seem like we are forcing it to somewhere, when we are not. I am not a psychologist, so you can ignore this.

Remember: to win the game is to not have like 25 consecutive checks or something like that! You have to checkmate him or exchange your attack for a static (long-lasting) advantage that will torture your opponent. If you keep checking, it runs out of its "box" which is the mating net, and checkmate is far away.








I hope you selected the correct answer! I will show the answer later.

Before you make a move that checks your opponent, assess the situation with the question:

  • What is my move doing?

Of course, this is part of every move. But in checks, people tend to miss this question and call check immediately. If the king can't run away, your move is good. Continuing from the diagram from above, I challenge you to solve the puzzle. You can choose either one of the puzzles from the same position, or do both!








The first one is less challenging. The second one leads to mass destruction. The first one uses deflection...

And the second one is harder.

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