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Maurian, Charles Amedee

Charles Amedee Maurian was born on May 21, 1838.  He was the closest and life-long friend of Paul Morphy.  They attended Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama together where Morphy taught Maurian how to play chess in 1853-54.  In 1854, he defeated Paul Morphy in a match in New Orleans (+6-5=1), but at various piece odds.  In 1858, he lost a match to Paul Morphy (+1-2=0).  From 1858 to 1860, Maurian edited the chess column in the New Orleans Delta.  In October, 1862, Maurian and Morphy sailed to Cuba on a Spanish steamboat, with the ultimate destination of Paris in 1863.  In 1869, he lost a match to Paul Morphy (+2-6=0) at knight odds.  All together, there are 75 known games between Maurian and Paul Morphy.  From 1883 to 1890, he co-edited the chess column in the Times-Democrat.  He moved to Paris in 1890.  He died on Decmber 2, 1912.

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