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Medley, George Webb

George Webb Medley (1826-1898) was an English player from London.  In 1847, he lost a match with Daniel Harrwitz (+7-11=0).  In 1848, he lost a match with Howard Staunton (+1-6=3).   In 1849, he defeated Henry Bird in a match (+4-2=0).  In 1849, he took 2nd place at the Ries’ Divan knockout tournament in London.  He had to beat his brother, John R, Medley, in the play-off for 2nd place.  The winner was Henry Buckle.  In 1850, he defeated Augustus Mongredien in a match (+3-2=0).  In 1858, he lost a match to Paul Morphy in London (+2-3=0).  In 1860, he lost a match to Ignatz Kolisch (+0-2-2).   Against Medley, Kolisch sometimes took two hours for three moves.  After this match, there was a push to have a time limit in chess, which led to the introduction of sand glasses and clocks in chess.

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