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Mortimer, James

James Mortimer (1833-1911) was an American player, journalist and dramatist.  For a time, he worked in the U.S. diplomatic service.  He started playing in chess tournaments at the age of 50.  In 1883, he took last place out of 14 players at London with 3 points.  In 1887, he took last place out of 10 players in London with 0 points.  In 1902, he took last place out of 20 players at Monte Carlo, with 1 point.  In 1904, he took last out of 17 players at London, with 4 points.  At the London 1904 Rice Gambit tournament, he took last place out of 9 players with 2.5 points.  In 1907, he took last place out of 29 players at Ostend with 5 points.  In 1879, he was arrested for refusing to reveal the author of an allegedly libelous article.  Once inside prison, he taught his fellow inmates how to play chess.  While reporting on the Sebastian Chess Tournament in 1911, he died in Spain.

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