National Chess Day

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National Chess Day

Former President Gerald Ford proclaimed and designated National Chess day in October 09, 1976. But before it happened there was a series of requests from other groups concerned including the Regional Vice-president of United States Chess Federation, who wrote a letter requesting about a proclamaation of the said commemorative activity. He stated that roughly 30 million American's are playing chess and that it wasn't being recognized and honoured as a great game. It was then reviewed and later, accepted. Since then, it is remembered every year, but has gradually faded away over the years because it wasn't official.

For the past several years, every 2nd Saturday of October has been declared National Chess Day by the U.S. Congress. National Chess Day in 2014 is 11 October and National Chess Day in 2015 is October 10!

President Gerald Ford set the 2nd Saturday in October aside as a day "To give special recognition to a game that generates challenge, intellectual stimulation, and enjoyment for citizens of all ages."



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    gotta remeber

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    well its a good idea, but sadly so many in the USA are so dumbed down they probably don't know what chess is!!! , although in many other countries the game is more popular i realize,  I think its just better to keep getting the game in the school system, and actively playing at clubs or online.  Plus if you proclaim a chess day, it invites mockery from loser comedians and similar lowlife!!!

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    i garauntee everyone here that 70% of the U.S. dont know there is a national chess day!

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    I had no idea there was a national chess day!  And I love to play chess!

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    you learn something every day.....

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    now if only i could get off work to play chess on national chess day.

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    Like the elephantwizard said you learn something new everyday. gotta remember to put that on my calender.

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    95% of  America doesnt know national chess day

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    Well i need to mark this one on my calender =)

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    Everybody's invited to my house for beer, pizza and a rousing game of chess. October 9 is close to Canadian Thanksgiving so we can make it a double event. Of course by October 9 winter has pretty much set in up here so bring your woolies and don't forget to call Sled Dogs R Us to reserve your sled and huskies.

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    after beer and pizza youd probably win the games.especially with me.

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    Happy chess!

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    already celebrating with a win over a class a that was 300pts over my rating!!!

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    Now I know.I didn't even think that a 'National Chess Day' even exsisted!Cool

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    My birthday is on national Chess day!!!!

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    Never knew that! Got to remember!!! Smile

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    there should be a chess month - the benefits that come from playing chess warrant that kind of recognition. chess should be a part of every school's curriculum.

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    never knew that! AWESOME!!!!! :)

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