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Owen's Defence

Owen's defence, also known as Queen's Fianchetto Defence or Greek Defense was named after chess player John Owen and Howard Staunton.

The game ended in just 8 moves

White          Black

e4                 b6

d4                 Bb7

Bd3               f5

exf5              Bxg2

Qh5               g6

fxg6               nf6

gxh7              nxh5



Here is the diagram-

However, chess masters have came up with a way to counter this attack (It is not just not playing b6 on your first move.)

Instead of black playing Knight to f6 on their 6th move, black should play bishop to g7 to free the king.

Then, the counter of the counter of Owen's defence was came up by some other chess masters.

After your opponent plays Bishop to g7, play gxh7. The king can only move to f8 as the queen was attacking it. After which, play Knight to f3. So, there are 3 logical moves the opponent could make, Nf6, Bxf3, and Bxh1. If your opponent plays Bh1, play Ne5 and you're ready to checkmate black by  playing Qf7 on your next move. So, black will capture that knight on e5 and you should play dxe5. Your opponent may try Qe8 to attack your queen. In that case, play Bf6 and your opponent must play nxf6, then, you should play Qxf6 and when the king moves to f7, play Bc4. If your opponent plays e6, play Qf6. If d5 is played, play e6 and it will be a checkmate too.

If black plays bxf3, play Qxf3 and it will be checking the king and attacking the rook. If the King moves to e8, play Bg6 and it will be a checkmate.

If the knight blocks the check, capture the rook.

Finally, we have the last move by black which is nf6, then, you should play Qg6, attacking the bishop. The bishop could capture the knight at f6 or the rook by moving to h1. If Bxf6 is played, play Rhg1, and your opponent has to stop the checkmate by your queen with Rxf7. You should then play Qg3 which will allow the bishop to attack the rook and the queen to attack the bishop. Black should play Be4 to defend both attacks. Then, play Bxe4 and after black plays nxe4, play Qf3 which will check the king and attack the knight, if the knight plays f6 to block the check, play Qxa8 to capture the rook.

If black plays Bxh1, play Bf6 to get ready to checkmate black. After black plays Rxf7 to defend the checkmate, you should play Ng5 and it will attack the rook and also get ready to checkmate black by playing Qf7.

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