Platz, Joseph

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Joseph Platz was born in Cologne, Germany on April 11, 1905.  He was  a USCF Master Emeritus and a medical doctor.  In 1926, he won the championship of Cologne.  In 1928, he won the championship f the Rhine.  In 1931, he won the championship of Hannover.  In the 1940s, he won the Bronx Championship six times.  In 1948, he played in the US Championship, placing 14th out of 20.  Between 1954 and 1972, he won the Western Massachusetts & Connecticut Valley Open Championship 14 times.  He won the Connecticut Championship three times.  He tied for the New England Championship four times.  In 1978, he wrote Chess memoirs: The chess career of a physician and Lasker pupil.  He died on December 30, 1981 in Manchester, Connecticut.


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    NM georgegrasser

    Dr. Platz gave me lessons right up until he passed away. A very kind man. I became 1981 Connecticut State Champ. In 1982 Roman Dzindzihasvilli came to play and I lost my title in a Budapest Gambit I played as Black that he had no problem busting.  

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