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Pollock, William

William Pollock (1859-1896) was the winner of the 1885 Irish Chess Championship.  At the time, he was not a resident of Ireland.  He had been a member of the Dublin Chess Club from 1880 to 1882 during his stay at as medical student.   He then moved back to England and became a surgeon.  In 1885 he took 4th place in the first British Chess Association Congress.  In 1889 he made the voyage to New York to participate in the New York  international tournament.  He later moved to Baltimore as the resident chess professional.  He soon was writing a chess column for the Baltimore Sunday News, as well as reports on American chess for the British Chess Magazine.  In 1890, he took 2nd place at the S. Louis Chess Congress, behind Showalter.  In 1892, he was William Steinitz’s secretary.  He played in Hastings 1895 and defeated Steinitz and Tarrasch  but took 19th place.  He died in England in 1896 at the age of 37.

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