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The first organization to adopt a numerical rating system was the Correspondence Chess League of America in 1933.  The first USCF rating list appeared in the November 20, 1950 issue of Chess Life.  Ken Harkness rated 2,306 players from events from 1921 to 1950.   The highest rated players were Fine (2817), Reshevsky (2770), Kevitz (2610), Dake (2598), Simonson (2596), Reinfeld (2593), Denker (2575), Kashdan (2574), and Horowitz (2558).  Masters were anyone over 2300, experts anyone over 2100. The first British Grading List was published in 1954 and had 49 players listed.  The first international Elo rating list appeared in 1969.  The highest rated players were Fischer (2720), Spassky (2690), Korchnoi (2680), Botvinnik (2660), Petrosian (2650), Larsen (2630), Smyslov, Portisch, and Geller (2620).  The first official FIDE rating list was published on July 1, 1971.  Fischer’s rating was 2760.  There were 83 grandmasters on the first official FIDE rating list.


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    how many matches do u hav to play to gain a rating??


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    I was given a rating my first game here.  I am pretty sure it has a lot to do with the rating of your opponents.
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    After 5 games the ratings on chess.com don't sway as drastically.  This seems to allow for vast changes for the first few games to establish a rating.  I would say that your rating after 10 to 15 games will give you a relatively close estimate for what you might be in one of the officially recognized rating systems.  Of course, once you get the first 10 - 15 games in you'd be best suited to play people within 100 rating points of your own score to be sure that is where your rating really ought to be.  Unless I have analyzed the way it works wrong of course.
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    Just starting here, I'm not sure how the rating you accumulate in the chess mentor relates to your actual rating (which I don't have yet).  In other words, what is this rating number in chess mentor telling me?

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    how can your rating tell if you're a grandmaster or a master? Maybe u can be bad at chess but u just got lucky...

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    all the time, but very unusual

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    I'm new and playing my first game.  My rating is 1200, my opponent 1064 or some lower number, although when I first started the game his number was in the 1100's. How is this calculated if I win or if he wins?  I played in a chess club many years ago and I think you started out with 500 points. If you played against someone really good you could gain 10 points, and if you lost the opponent only gained 2 points. (That's because I would have been easy to beat)  I assume Chess.com is someting like this.

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    um, yeah

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    so what rating system does chess.com use ?

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    If you look at the "players" page you can see the average rating is 1338.


    Also listed is the "Average Glicko RD: 128"

    RD = Rating Deviation (standard deviation)

    More about Glicko here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glicko_rating_system

    So you can take your current rating and add (or subtract) that number to see how you stack up. Also on your stats page it will show your % which is what percentage of players you are higher rated than.

    So as I type this my rating is 1708 (not super great) which gives me a 92.3%.

    Which is 2.89 standard deviations above average. Hope this helps.

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    ratings are cool i want to increace my rating

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    I'm now playing my first game through chess.com and I am unrated.  I am curious as to when I might get a rating, that is, after how many games and presumably taking into account wins or losses and the ratings of my opponents.  Would  someone kindly provide some general information on the subject of ratings?

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    What type of rating has chess.com given to me?

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    How can one rate himself with chess .com rating with FIDE rating ?

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