Reti's March

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This is an essential technique for drawing hopeless looking positions in king and pawn endgames. It was derived from a study by Richard Reti. Here is the study, at the beginning it may seem hopeless, but the indirect king march is very useful.

This resource is useful and can save a lot of losing endings. The shortest distance between two points is straight, but not in chess. Hope you had fun,feel free to comment.


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    This is a great puzzle I first saw many many moons ago. Every beginner should learn the motif here.

    BTW "The shortest distance between 2 pts is straight, but not in chess" is incorrect. The shortest distance on the chess board in some cases is a straight line as in the above problem ie Kh8-h2 OR the "triangular" movement as in the problem (Kg7-f6-e5-f4-g3-h2) because both movements take the same number of turns to accomplish, whereas in "real" life in the triangle formed by h8-e5-h2 the hypotenuse (long side) of h8-h2 is shorter than the the sum of the other 2 sides (ie h8-e5 and e5-h2). Furthermore, only the King, Queen (and pawns) can take advantage of this unique chess situation. 

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