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Romanovsky, Peter

Peter Romanovsky (1892-1964) was an International Master (1950) and Soviet champion in 1923 (2nd USSR Ch) and 1927 (with Bohatirchuk).   He tied for first in the 1925 Leningrad championship.  In 1935, he was the first Soviet chess player to be awarded Honored Master of Sport.   During the terrible winter of 1941-42, a rescue party reached his home in Leningrad.  They found Romanovsky half-conscious from starvation and cold.  The rest of his family had frozen to death.   All the furniture in the house had been used for firewood.  In 1954, the Soviets withdrew their application for Romanovsky to receive the Grandmaster title.  They based his GM title on his 1st place in the 1927 USSR championship.  But because Fedor Bohatirchuk  also took 1st place in 1927, and he was no longer recognized in the USSR (having defected), the USSR Chess Federation did not want to give the GM title to Bohatirchuk, so they withdrew the application for Romanovsky.

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