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Rubtsova, Olga

Olga Rubtsova was born on August 20, 1909 in Moscow.  She became an International woman grandmaster in 1976.  She was the first USSR Women’s champion when she won the event in 1931.  She also won the event in 1937 and 1949.  She took 2nd place in the 1950 Women’s World Championship, a point behind Ludmila Rudenko.  She won the 4th Women’s World Championship in 1956.  She lost the title in 1958 to Elizaveta Bykova.  She was the first Women’s World Correspondence Champion in 1971 and took 2nd in 1977, losing on tie-break to Lora Jakovleva.   She died on December 13, 1994.  She is the only person to become World Champion in both over-the-board and correspondence chess.

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