Ruy Lopez Fishing Pole Trap

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The fishing pole trap is a common trap in the Ruy Lopez that has an extremely high success rate. It is a very tempting trap and many players have fallen for it. It is in the Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense. Here it is:

White can refute it with d4 though and also Nf6 but the good thing about this trap is that it works perfectly fine even if white doesn't fall for it since you will still have a pretty OK position. The Berlin defense is a interesting opening and if you want more traps check out the Kostic Trap and Mortimer Trap also made by me. Enjoy and have fun!


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    I've seen this trap before but didn't know it had a name...I've had poor results with the Berlin Defense and if I ever try another non-Morphy defense I'll go back to the Schliemann Defense, which I used to play eons ago with good results, although that was back in the primitive days before PCs and DBs were available.

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    Interesting, the temptation is the key to failure and success, but poor application will put it's user in an early bind that he may not be able to recover from. All and all I like it and will most certainly try to use it.

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    i tried it and my opponent blocked it with his Bishop....not sure how he did that. I will definitely try it every chance I get. Chess is wonderful and you don't have to sweat!!

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    A question, why would anyone play 8. f3 unless they are a novice and not see what's potentially coming?

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    waynet - f3 is played to give the king a flight square. only a novice would not see what's potentially coming. 

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    or a 75 yr old guy that's blind in one eye(frontal vision0, TIRED and sometimes just not "seeing" the threat or answer to a threat....

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    I would be leary of a Knight sacrifice and the f3 move is extremely novice. I could see this doing well in blitz games. 

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    Is there a pill for total disregard of opponent's threats which usually results in an embarrassingly quick defeat!!??!!

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    Very interesting history this trap is on YOUTUBE in 2 films "The Fishing Pole Show".  

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