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Sarratt, Jacob Henry

Jacob Henry Sarratt (1772-1821) was a chess player and author.   He was a London schoolmaster and the first professional to teach in England.  He was the house professional at the Salopian coffee house in London who played for a guinea per game.  Sarratt called himself  the ‘Professor of Chess.’  One of his students was William Lewis.  In 1808 he published Treatise on the Game of Chess.  In 1813 he published the works of Damiano, Ruy Lopez, and Salvio.  In 1817, he published the works of Gianutio and Gustavus Selenius.  Sarratt persuaded chess players in England to accept a stalemate as a draw.  In some areas, stalemate was a lost game for the stalemating player.  He died destitute.   After his death, Lewis published New Treatise on the Game of Chess in 1821.

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