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Shamkovich, Leonid

Leonid Shamkovich (1923-2005) was a Russian0born Grandmaster (1965) who moved to Israel in 1974, then the United States in 1976 (the first Soviet émigré Grandmaster).  He tied for 1st in  the Moscow championship in 1961, but lost the play-off to Bronstein.  He won the US Open in 1976 and 1977.  In 1975, at the Los Angles airport security check, his suitcase was taken to go through the x-ray machine.  Thinking that this was part of the check-in, he boarded the airplane to Cleveland for a chess tournament.  It took four days to track down and recover his missing luggage.  He won the New York State Championship in 1976.  His highest rating was 2675, ranked #19 in the world.

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