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Showalter, Jackson Whipps

In 1890, Jackson Whipps Showalter (1860-1935) won the United States Chess Association’s 3rd Annual Congress Championship tournament in St. Louis.  Shortly after this tournament in 1890, he lost a match to Max Judd by a score of 7-3.   In 1892 he defeated Judd by the score of 7-4.  In 1894 he defeated Albert Hodges by the score of 8-6.  Later in 1894 Showalter lost to Hodges in a return match with a score of 5-3.  In 1895 Showalter defeated Simon Lipschuetz, Emil Kemeny, John Barry, and Adolf Albin in matches.  In 1897 Showalter lost to Harry Pillsbury by the score of 9.5-11.5.  In 1898, Showalter lost a return match with Pillsbury by the score of 4-8.  In 1909 Showalter lost to Frank Marshall by a score of 3.5-18.5.  He was an accomplished baseball pitcher and is considered the inventor of the curve ball.  His nickname was the Kentucky Lion.

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