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Stahlberg, Gideon

Gideon Stahlberg (1908-1967) was the leading Swedish chess player from 1929 (when he won the championship of the northern countries) to 1967.  In 1941 Swedish Grandmaster (1950) Gideon Stahlberg played 400 games on 20 boards (each loser being replaced by a new player) at Buenos Aires. After 36 hours his score was 364 wins, 14 draws, and 22 losses.  He played on 13 Swedish Olympic teams.  He was the judge or arbiter of five world championships.  He was fluent in six languages.  At bridge, he was of international master class.  He was about to play the first round in the 1967 Leningrad International Tournament (won by Korchnoi) when he became ill and died of an unspecified liver ailment a few days later.  He was 59.

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