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The rule regarding stalemate first appeared in Europe in A. Saul's Famous Game of Chesse-Play, published in 1614.  In England, the player who gave stalemate lost the game.  In Italy and France stalemate counted as a draw.  In Spain and Portugal it counted as an inferior win (a half-win).  Some countries didn't even allow it.  Finally, in 1808, the London Chess Club laws gave stalemate as a draw and it has remained so ever since.  The shortest stalemate is this pre-arranged game: 1.c4 h5 2.h4 a5 3.Qa4 Ra6 4.Qxa5 Rah6 5.Qxc7 f6 6.Qxd7+ Kf7 7.Qxb7 Qd3 8.Qxb8 Qh7 9.Qxc8 Kg6 10.Qe6 stalemate.  The game was played in the Swedish Junior Championship in 1995.

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