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Staunton, Howard

Howard Staunton (1810-1874) was the world’s leading chess player in the 1840s.  He is reputed to have been the illegitimate some of Frederick Howard, fifth Earl of Carlisle.  He organized the world's first international tournament, held in London in 1851.  He founded the Chess Player's Chronicle, the first chess magazine in the English language in 1840.  He edited this magazine until 1854.  He was a Shakespearean scholar and wrote a 517-page book on the history of English public schools.  He wrote a chess column for the Illustrated London News and produced over 1,400 weekly reports on chess.  He wrote the Chess-Player’s Handbook in 1847.  From 1847 to 1935 it was republished 21 times.  He died of a heart attack, sitting in his library chair.

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