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Tackling Opening Traps

This article is on how to tackle opening traps. First of all I will show you some opening traps so you can recognize them. But remember, many traps are not good to play especially against high rated players since they know them. If they use them on you though, you can defend it and usually they will have a bad position. The most common with beginners is obviously Scholar's Mate.

That was Scholar's Mate. It is easy to defend. First of all, place a knight on f6 early on so the queen can't attack f7. Second, you can play Qe7 or g6. These are all good alternatives and you should watch out for his attack and you will find a defense. Here is a more advanced one known as the Kostic Trap:
I have seen way too many people fall for this one. First of all, you should not get greedy and take the pawn on move 4. Whenever your opponent offers you material, you should watch out in case it is a trap. I don't mean gambits here though. Also white could have checked black with his bishop on move 5 and still survive by castling on move 6. Remember, king safety is also very important. But better still is castling on move 4. More alternatives include 4.c3, Nc3 and Nxd4. There is also a few more I should discuss now:
This is a trap in the King's Gambit. On move 2 it is perfectly okay to take the pawn. It is a gambit not a trap. On move 2 black instead offers white material. White fell for it and lost a rook. You should always look ahead a few moves when your opponent seems like doing a trap. Here is one last one:
This is a trap in the Campridge Springs variation of the Queens Gambit. Black doesn't set any trap here, he is playing a good opening. Instead, white got greedy and didn't look ahead. And always remember other traps. When people look like they siucide pieces but it is a trap, they might make sad faces or say oh my goodness! Don't believe that!! It is just to help it look believable. Chess traps are as old as chess itself. Ruy Lopez reccommended putting the board facing the sun so people would get blinded by the sun. Don't fall for traps and hope you enjoyed.

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