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The Lolli Positon: K and Q vs K and R

Giambattista Lolli (1698 in NonantolaItaly – 4 June 1769) was an Italian chess player. Lolli was one of the most important chess theoreticians of his time.  He was one of the Modenese Masters. He is most famous for his book Osservazioni teorico-pratiche sopra il giuoco degli scacchi (English: Theoretical-practical views on the game of chess), published 1763 in Bologna. 
 The book contain listings of 100 chess endgames (in additon to analysis of several openings - NR). One of these positions was used by Wilhelm Heinse in his novel Anastasia und das Schachspiel (English: Anastasia and the game of chess). This Lolli Position is from the pawnless endgame of a rook and bishop versus a rook. Although this endgame is a draw in general, White to move wins in this position (Benko 2007:154). Lolli also studied some defensive fortresses and thequeen versus pawn endgame.

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