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Thomas, George Alan

George Alan Thomas (1881-1972) was a British chess champion in 1923 and 1934, 7-time British badminton champion (he won 21 British badminton titles between 1903 and 1928),  and quarter-finalist tennis player at Wimbledon (1922).  He played at Wimbledon from 1919 to 1926.  He was born in Constantinople.  His mother, Lady Edith Thomas, who taught him chess, was the winner of the first British women's chess championship at Hastings in 1895.  He was on the winning tennis doubles team championship at Wimbledon in 1919.  In 1946 he won the London chess championship at the age of 65.  He won the London championship 16 times.  He was also an internationally ranked hockey, squash and table-tennis player.  He finished tied for first at Hastings, ahead of Capablanca, Botvinnik, and Lilienthal, all three of whom he defeated.  He was the founder of the International Badminton Federation and its president for 21 years.  He became “Sir George” when he succeeded his father, Sir George Sidney Meade Thomas, as the 7th Baronet in 1918.  In 1950, he was awarded the International Master title.  In 1952, he was awarded the International Judge title.

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