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Two Knights Defense

The Two Knights Defense is an aggressive defense against the Giuco Piano. It leads to many complications and has many variations. There are also many pitfalls and hard to calculate positions. It usually will always lead to black losing a pawn but has aggressive pieces, giving him equal compensation. There are 3 main variations off this:

Now white can play Ng5, being aggressive and d3 being more careful and d4 being aggressive too. We will focus on variations starting with Ng5. Prepare yourself for long and complicated positions. We will start with the famous Fried Liver Attack.
The Fried Liver Attack is not that good of a choice so black plays one of these 3:This one is the Chigorin Variation:
This is the Fritz Variation:
This is the Ulvestad Variation which is not very common.
There are many other minor variations that I will not talk about. I only talked about Ng5 since it gives white practical winning chances. Bobby Fischer, Wilhelm Steinitz and Gary Kasparov all played it. I do not believe Tarrasch when he said that Ng5 was a patzer's move. The opening has many confusing variations and is fun to play. Hope you enjoyed it!

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