Underpromotion tactics

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In 90% of the cases pawns are promoted to queens. Sometimes though, it would be better to promote to something else other than a queen, like in the following examples:

Here is one that involves promoting to a rook:

If you think your skills at this are good enough then why not try this puzzle?

Hope you liked this and thanks for reading!


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    Isn't the last puzzle from "Play Winning Chess" the first book in the "Winning Chess" series by Yasser Seirawan?

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    nice puzzle... got it in 1 :)

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    Another interesting (and famous) puzzle: 

















    Alternative black defence:

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    for Thikron's first puzzle, why can't White play 5.c8=Q?

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    jingylima wrote:

    for Thikron's first puzzle, why can't White play 5.c8=Q?

    Good question. This is called the Saavedra position and it is very famous. The reason white cannot play 5. c8=q? is because of Rc4+!, and Qxc4 is forced and is stalemate. For this reason, white promotes to a rook with 5. c8=R!, already threatening checkmate in 2 on a8. Black must play Ra4 to prevent mate, and then white attacks the rook and threatens another checkmate on c1 with Kb3. This wins black's rook, and the game. There are some very instructive videos about this position on youtube.

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    Thanks for the article! I really liked that puzzle. Two peices take down the entire enemy army!

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