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Vienna 1882

One of the strongest chess tournaments of all time.  It was called the Second International Chess Tournament and was the strongest chess tournament up to that time.  The top 9 players in the world participated.  It was won by Steinitz and Winawer, each with a score of 24 out of 34, followed by Mason, Mackenzie, and Zukertort.  Henry Mackenzie drew with Steinitz in the 3rd round.  This ended the longest winning streak in the history of chess at the time.  Steinitz had not drawn or lost a game since 1873, and won the last 25 games in a row from match and tournament play.  The tournament was an 18-player double round robin.   The tournament was held on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Vienna Chess Society (formed in October 1857), and sponsored my millionaire Ignaz von Kolisch and Baron Albert Rothschild.  The patron was the emperor Franz-Joseph, who donated a special prize.

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