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What did Bobby teach you?

He was one of the strongest players in the whole world...but little is know about his life.

He was born in America (March,9 1943) and he quickly became the first American to win the official World Chess Championship. He was very very young when he won the tournament. I usually describe Bobby like a crazy man...Laughing... that's probably because he refused to defend his title after beating Spassky.

He pretended to play with "his system", today known asĀ FISCHER RANDOM CHESS, in which the configuration of theĀ pieces is determined randomly for White, and the black pieces are placed equal and opposite the white pieces.

He also introduced the Fischer clock that gives a player a fixed time plus additional time after each move. This avoids the worst time scrambles, where a player may have a few minutes to make 10-15 complicated moves.

He played no more competitive chess until 1992, when he had a rematch with Spassky. I've heard he probably played online but I am not sure he did.

Unfortunately he died three months ago.

My question is : WHAT DID HE TEACH YOU??

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