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Wing Gambit

The term Wing gambit usually refers to when white plays an early b2 to b4 deflecting a black pawn. There are many wing gambits. The first one is the Evan's Gambit, popularized by William Davie Evans. In the 1800's everybody used it and there were many exciting attacking games. Later,Lasker defeated Chigorin using his Lasker's Defense and the Evans Gambit was never popular again.

Next most popular is the Sicilian Wing Gambit. It is rare and not seen much either. It goes like this: 1.e4 c5 2.b4?! It is then played usually 2...cxb4 3.a3 bxa3 and Nxa3. It is not popular against the Sicilian but a good suprise weapon. 3.d4 is also good, played by Alexander Alekhine.

There are Wing Gambits in the French too, though both are super rare.

Hope you enjoyed learning about Wing Gambits. Hope you comment and edit.

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