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Winter, William

William Winter (1898-1955) was an International Master (1950).  He was a nephew of Sir James Barrie who wrote Peter Pan and two-time British champion (1935 and 1936).  He had been an active Communist Party organizer and was once sentenced to 6 months in jail for sedition.  Winter became a chess player after his doctor told him to give up politics.  In 1919, he was champion at Cambridge University.  He was London Champion in 1926, 1928-29, 1932, 1939, and 1947.  He probably played the only game in master chess that it would have been more profitable to draw or lose than to win.  A draw or loss would have qualified him for special awards to non-prizewinners in the London 1927 tournament, which was in excess of 7 English pounds, more than his 6th place prize.  He played in 4 Olympiads for England.  He was a chess journalist for the Manchester Guardian and the Daily Worker.

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