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You never know when you will face these very unusual and usual places

There are many positions in chess! There are three phases of the game-Beginning-middlegame-and Endgame! We will focus mainly on the Endgame today!! 

This Endgame is simple.  It is focusing on the King and pawn versus king. This position is won-With correct play! But if you make a mistake it's a draw

If you didn't solve that easy thing, chances are, you won't solve any of these endgames either. But do you see what I mean?
Let's do another one!
In this endgame white is up a passed pawn- and black's whites rook wants to prevent it from becoming a queen!
So that a good engame-Remember it isn't always that easy!!!! Sometimes you can't force the king away from the pawn! Not always! 
Let's do another endgame! See what you think of this one
Alright ready for some more! This one will be really easy!
That was the easiest yet!! 
Alright ready for one more??
That was even easier!
Hope you enjoyed this article!
See you later you alligators!

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