Znosko-Borovsky, Eugene

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Eugene Znosko-Borovsky (1884-1954) was a Russian player of International Master strength and chess author.  He fought and was wounded in both the 1905 Russo-Japanese war and World War I.  He also fought for the White forces during the Russian revolution and was evacuated to France.  In 1908, he took 3rd place in the All-Russia tournament if Lodz.  He was the first to write about the middle-game in chess.  His occupation was a music and drama critic, and he was an expert on Russian theater.


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    I studied one of his book and really like it!!!!!!!11

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    Yeah, I have his book on combinations.  It's a classic.  = ; )

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    He also took part in the famous International Chess Congress in S:t Petersburg in 1909, famous not least for the tournament book, edited by Emanuel Lasker. Lasker states in the Preface: "This is a book in which analysis is accurate."  Who else could have said such a thing? Fischer, Aljechin, Capablanca?

    It didn´t go too well for Znosko-Borovsky in the tournament. He ended up last of the 19 participants.


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    I see that Dover are publishing five of his books, which is quite remarkable considering that some of these were written as long ago as 1935.

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    I have read How Not To Play Chess, and hope to read the others, particularly  The Art of Combination.

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