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1000 Bright Minds

1000 Bright Minds

Founded: Dec 27, 2011
Members: 27
This is the group for the players of the 1000 Bright Minds event. I hope we will make new friendships and we will learn from this experience and continue to be friends after the games. If you want to play in the 1000 Bright Minds simul, then please challenge me with the following parameters:*** 1.The speed of the games will be 3 days/move.*** 2. You play with the white pieces *** 3. Set the game unrated*** 4.Game name: 1000 Bright Minds when I accepted your challenge, please play your first move and I will play my first moves when the simul starts at 11th January 11:00 am Budapest time I wish you the best luck for your game! :) I wish you the best for all members! :)


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    Attila Turzo | Solymar, Hungary

    Joined Club: Dec 27, 2011


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