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♔1100 KINGS♚

♔1100 KINGS♚

International Founded: Jun 10, 2012
Members: 724
Hello and welcome to the most eager group on this site. 1100 KINGS has been getting stronger every day and we want you to be a part of our growing success. We are an extremely serious and hard-fighting team. We have over 700 members with an average rating of 1630. We play a lot of team matches and vote chess as a part of being active. We want YOU to be very committed to helping our team get match points and VC. It is very important to us. The team also holds a lot of chess ladders which you can find in the forums that you all can enjoy. The team also doesn't want ANY cheaters whatsoever and NO one that times out a lot. Why not come to one of the most aspiring groups on site? And oh, we have won 4 in a row in a Team Match Championship and are on track to possibly win a TMCL 2017 Division Title. Can we count on you? #OurSeason


  • Online 10 hrs ago

    michael (mike) armiger | Adelaide, Australia

    Joined Club: Sep 2, 2017

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    sydney, Australia

    Joined Club: Aug 12, 2016

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    William Walter Wayne Wilkinsburg | 767 Suey Slew Swamp Street, Shreveport, United States

    Joined Club: Jun 7, 2016

  • Online Mar 12, 2017

    Palm Coast, Lebanon

    Joined Club: Jun 10, 2012

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    United States

    Joined Club: Jul 26, 2013

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    Joined Club: Nov 26, 2014


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